Is the innovative technology that reduces distractions whilst driving. It offers a complete solution that ensures the smartphone screen is locked during driving and provides insight into the behaviour of your employees.

How does it work? The product is a combination of three elements:


1. Pod

The SafeDrivePod itself is mounted somewhere in the vehicle and sends out a wireless radio signal to indicate when the vehicle is driving.

2. App

A powerful app runs on your phone and shuts off all access to apps when you are driving. You are allowed to make hands-free phone calls and use your navigation apps however.

3. Agreement

An important aspect of our concept is your safety. Your manager made a deal with you to get you and the car home safely. He will get informed about how you use the SafeDrivePod system.

Business owners and fleet managers want their drivers to arrive home safely every day. Instead they deal with increased numbers of car accidents and increased cost of claims.

An alarming 25% of the total cost of car damage is related to the driver being distracted by his or her smartphone.

SafeDrivePod prevents smartphone caused distraction during driving and offers a complete solution that ensures the touch screen of the smartphone is blocked during driving.

A SafeDrivePod in each vehicle ensures fleet managers that drivers cannot use their smartphones during driving. This leads to a reduction in car damage and cost from claims. Above all, it contributes to improved road safety and more certainty that employees will arrive home safely.


SafeDrivePod are proud to be partnered with BRAKE, the UK Road Safety Charity

SafeDrivePod received the Fleet Industry Award for Innovation in 2016.

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