Exempla Leisure is delighted to have partner with FriPura, the most effective system for doubling the life of oil in commercial fryers. Backed by BIBRA and proven by science, FriPura cuts cancer-causing products by 11% and cuts up to 80% of toxins.

 Benefits of FriPura

  • FriPura can cut your oil costs by up to 50%

  • FriPura doubles the life of your oil

  • Less oil changes means more time cooking

  • Backed by chefs and proven by science

  • Enjoy healthier and tastier food

  • Single use system which can be disposed of easily 

  • Safe and simple to install

  • Breaks down harmful acids in the oil

How does it work? 

It reacts with degradation products in the oil, which themselves speed up degradation. Without FriPura, once oil starts to break down it quickly deteriorates.

What’s it made of? 

It’s made of a cement-like mortar that feels ceramic to touch. 

The science behind FriPura

The FriPura system has been independently tested in laboratories by respected third parties to verify its performance.


The scientific evidence for oil and food quality can be found in the Campden report. The system has also been extensively tested for Health and Safety concerns. This data can be found in the Bibra report.

How do I know when my oil is spent?

The best way to check the degradation of your oil is with Total Polar Meters or Free Fatty Acid litmus papers. If you don’t have these, you should check the look and smell of the oil, and the appearance and quality of food coming out of the fryer. When your oil is old, your food comes out with uneven browning. With FriPura, even if the oil looks dark the food will still be a nice even colour.

What FriPura customers say:

“My spend has gone down by 40% and that includes buying FriPura.” Hrvoje Loncarevic, Head Chef, Bannatyne Hotels Ltd, Hastings

“FriPura has increased the life on our oil by 100% and made our product more sellable.” Head Chef, Mortons Kitchen

“We’re saving one oil can a week at least. FriPura should save us a great deal over the year.” Head Chef, The Coat and Badge