Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

  • Change your line cleaning schedule to once every 28 days with improved beer quality.

  • Every month, that’s 75% less wastage on beer, water, cleaning chemicals and labour.

  • Reduce your line cleaning costs by 75%.

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Guaranteed Peace of Mind

  • Low running costs. Powered by a low cost 12v power supply costing as little as £30 per year.

  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom, using highest quality components.

  • Installed by qualified, experienced technicians.

The average bar will waste over 2,500 pints of beer in a year cleaning their lines and at over £5 a pint that’s a saving of of over £9,000 (not including the saved labour costs).

“We were delighted with the results - Clean Lines offered a practical solution to the costly amounts of wastage we have through line cleaning all of our 23 bars. We have already seen a rise in our overall GP %, as well as a reduction in labour cost, water and chemical usage.”

— Head of Operations, Rugby Club


“Our hotel boasts one of the longest bars in the UK, with 29 beer fonts and over 100 lines from the cellar. I am amazed that we now clean on average every 8 weeks for ciders, 6 weeks for stout and mild, and 4 weeks for smooth flow bitter”

— General Manager, Hotel .

“Since installing your innovative technology, I can confirm we now clean our beer lines every 4 weeks without any detriment to the beer quality..”

— Commercial Director, University


“Stop cleaning your beer lines weekly. It wastes good beer, expensive water and adds to staff costs. Clean Lines can reduce these costs, with no loss of beer quality and with the reduced water and chemical consumption, will enhance your ‘green credentials’ too.”

— Commercial Director, Pub Group

Clean Lines keeps your lines cleaner for longer, saves costs, water and energy.


Simply Fit and Forget

  • Fitted with an integrated computer circuit, the Clean Lines unit produces a digital signal, ensuring ultra reliable, constant performance.

  • Waterproof, shock proof, corrosion resistant and completely impervious to dust particles.

  • All our equipment complies with insurance and brewery regulations and all products have a free 5 year guarantee on all parts.